Most organizations are very competent in their professional areas and industries, in delivering their services, building and selling their products. However, many are not trained in the field of improvement, in identifying where they need to improve and how to do it.

Visualiiz is focused on helping organizations be more productive and improve. We offer the following facilitation & consulting services:

Organizational Effectiveness

Executive Improvement Coaching

  • Biweekly, monthly or quarterly executive coaching is recommended to keep an organizations improvement rate moving in the right direction. Meetings can include the development and review of the organizations improvement strategy and change agenda as well as the results of the improvement work underway, any training or coaching requirements of staff and any actions required until the next meeting. The agenda of these meetings will be customized depending of the goals of the organizations.


Effective Meetings & Time Management

  • Professionals can find hours of additional time each week with the implementation of effective meeting strategies, some good old fashion discipline and a little coaching. This two-day session includes training on the importance of how and when we communicate with our colleagues and teams and how to increase true communication versus information sharing in the age of ever evolving technology. It also includes the development of an efficient calendar of commitments (meeting schedule) and the crafting of valuable meeting agendas. The effective execution of meetings maximizes communication and productivity while minimizing interruptions and wasted time.

Process Improvement

Value Stream Mapping

  • Most organizations evolve over time into functional areas. These vertical silos create the majority of the waste in the critical processes that create value to our clients. Value is created horizontally across many staff, many departmental groups. Enterprise value stream mapping (EVSM) is a tool that looks at the organizations value streams end to end, from request for service to service delivered. The processes are mapped as well as all the areas of waste or opportunities for improvements. At the end of the EVSM, you will have a prioritized hopper of processes requiring improvement, as well as many just do it’s which can be implemented for immediate improvement.

Daily Management for Improvement

  • Daily Management is one of the most engaging tools for any team. These two days will train the team on how to run efficient daily huddles (5-7 mins morning and night) in order to keep the team working efficiently without lengthy meetings. It also includes the implementation of a visual management board which allows the team to always know the plan for the day and how they are doing (the score) while at the same time facilitating the reduction of interruptions and increasing time spent on value added work.

DMAIC Process Improvement Projects

  • Once the highest priority process requiring improvement is identified (typically through an enterprise value stream mapping exercise) a project can be started. During the improvement project days, the selected team will be led through the phases of DMAIC which is an improvement methodology that stands for Define Measure Analyze Improve Control. The team will complete a detailed project charter, a leading change plan, map out the process, and identify all the areas of waste or non value added effort. Improvement opportunities will be implemented and daily management put in place to sustain the improvements as well as encourage future improvements.

Lean Six Sigma Training: coming soon

Change Management

Effectively Leading Change with Teams

  • Leading Change is very different than Change Management. Change Management is required when a decision is already made and we need to ‘manage’ that change. Leading Change involves teams clearly understanding the problem we need to solve and engaging them to come up with the best solution. People need to understand ‘why’. And the answer ‘because we said so’ or ‘because leadership decided’ isn’t always enough to garner buy-in of our employees. They need to be able to see what we see. Visualiiz is able to assist organizations when leading change is required, no matter what the level of the organization. Changes that fail, and the majority do, cost time and money. With training on the most effective strategies as well as with the creation of a Leading Change plan, we can help dramatically increase your chances of success.

What are the clients saying?

"Her energy and charisma engages the full room of participants to have a positive and memorable experience. Her concepts are simple, easy to grasp and allow you to take action immediately. Her sharp and witty personality will keep you on track and stay motivated to drive sustainable results" ~Steve, Alignment Champion

"Jennifer is able to captivate the participants’ attention by providing real life examples and asking the right questions to make the group think about things differently. Her experience in process improvement and leading change certainly comes through during the sessions." ~ Janelle, Director of Human Resources and Organizational Performance