workshop 3

No individual creates as much value alone as they do as part of a team. Operating rooms, schools, marketing departments – they all work in teams, towards a common goal. But how does  the team keep motivated to strive for the goal if they don’t know if they are winning or making any progress at all? 

Both absenteeism and presenteeism (showing up but not working) are problematic for a business. What motivates individuals to show up, on time and do a great job every day? Understanding those motivators is critical to increasing our team’s productivity and the value we create for our customers. 

With learnings and examples from high performing teams in sports, in business and other groups of individuals working together, this workshop is focused on how to make a work team  thrive.


  • learn how to motivate & engage employees without cake & pizza parties
  • be introduced to daily management techniques that enhance team performance
    • daily team huddles
    • visual management boards
  • learn how a visual workplace can reduce interruptions and increase time spent on value add work for our customers